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Episode 5: Blake is Grumpy cat, Pyrrha is a goddess, Jaune is oblivious, Cinder is hot and fucking evil.


Looking for a job, have an interview here but idk it creeps me out a bit.

So when did it become “cool” to waste the time of Special Weapons and Tactics officers just to see a personality arrested. Fuck man I thought DDOS was childish and this takes it to a whole new level of fucked up

Also it seems people don’t understand why it’s being released in arcades in japan. For fighting games this is standard procedure. Release into the massive japan arcade fighter scene, let them basically beta test the game. Fix problems and make console port for japan then release to other places after that. Standard op for japan made fighting games.

Pokken Hype!

I so want to have a RWBY MOBA.

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